No Whining – Just Solutions

One of the many reasons I love Texas is that when a problem or obstacle is clearly in front of us, Texans roll up their sleeves and get to work.  Whether it is hundreds of thousands of evacuees arriving within 24 hours, a tropical storm devastating our community, an economy that is struggling or a state budget deficit of $28 billion – based on our history, I know we have the grit and the “goods” to overcome. 

A good friend recently wrote that she is exhausted by all the whining and that she just wants to focus on solutions.  Great advice.  Easter Seals Houston is facing significant cuts – in spite of being a highly respected, low-cost, measurably effective provider of excellent services, in spite of waiting lists for services, and in spite of growing demand and need for our help.  I know, that with the help of this community, we will help create the solutions that people with disabilities deserve.  So, let’s all put on our big boy and girl pants and stop whining.   Instead, let’s focus our time, energy, and brain power on solving. 

 Here are some easy, free ways you can help.  Tell you legislator that being 50th of the 50 states in spending supporting people with disabilities is not who we are.  (Yes – that really is where we could rank.)  Sign a petition letting Congress know that you believe all children deserve a chance to succeed.  Volunteer for a local faith-based organization or non-profit.  Then, when you see and contribute to the amazing, low-cost, high-impact work being done in Houston – get your company or friends to join you.  Here is one option:

Help create the solutions that are the hallmarks of Texans – we are some of the most innovative, tough and smart people around.  Winston Churchill said, “History will be kind to me, because I intend to write it.”   It is not in our nature to whine, to blame others or to expect someone else to right what is wrong.  We draw on our inner resources and fix the problems.  History has been kind to Houston, because we have refused to allow bad events or circumstances to define us.  You have the power to help write the history of this community.  Use that power.

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