In A Premie’s Shoes, Part 2

After having a baby in NICU for 54 days, I wanted to share some helpful hints to get you through the long hospital stays!   First, everyone offers to help – take them up on it!!  Let them help you run errands, mow your grass, cook a meal for you……..whatever you need help with!  This was hard for me – but I know I would do the same for them so….let them help!  Friends and family care and want to do what they can – they also want updates on how your baby is doing.  We would leave messages on our voicemail just saying “thanks for calling and checking on us – today’s update is that he is now drinking 5 oz and weighs 4 pounds! “   There are also websites like Caringbridge and Careflash that will allow you to give updates electronically!   This will save you so much time on returning calls – because now you don’t have to!   You will most likely be eating on the run A LOT – so when friends and family ask what you need – ask for gift cards to fast food restaurants!!  You will also be doing a lot of sitting – so be prepared with books, magazines, electronics, a journal (great way to document your journey through NICU)!  Hope these few hints are helpful for you!

Dena Day, Program Director, Infant Program, Easter Seals


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