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Sophie Says Thanks!

Hellooooo, my name is Sophie Jane Barnes – or Puffy for short. My grandpa gave me that nickname because I am very puffy when I breathe – but lately I am just getting puffy from all the food I have been eating.  I can’t lie – I have a great life. I am the only dog I know who has a real job! I get to come to work at Easter Seals every day! I have my own office – okay, so they make me share it with my mom who is a fundraiser at Easter Seals – but trust me, I run the place.  My favorite part about coming to work are my kid friends! They come to the office just to see me and bring me treats – hence the extra LB’s I have been putting on lately. But I digress; one of my very first friends was Carmen. She had trouble talking and really couldn’t say many words – now, I had offered to teach her how to speak in Pug – but apparently they were intent on her saying words in English.

Carmen is in our Children’s Therapy Program which provides Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy to children ages 3-13.  And every week she comes to see Mary Dawson, Program Director and Speech Pathologist. Carmen didn’t like having to work at it, it wasn’t any fun – so instead Mary told her every time she said words, she could come see me. I was her reward! And soon thereafter, Carmen said her very first word – SOPHIE!

I love all my friends at Easter Seals. I know some people look at kids with disabilities like they are different – but I don’t think that at all. They can play, and communicate, and have fun just like all the other kids!

Sophie Jane



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3 responses to “Sophie’s Corner

  1. Nick Mirgeaux

    Great Blog Sophie

  2. Shooter

    Sophie you are such a talented Puffy Pug! Keep up the Good work!

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