Sophie’s Corner

Wow was my office surprised at how well I write cuz’ they decided to give me my own corner. Happy to say I am now a professional dog blogger…and I wanted to tell you about another really great friend of mine.  I really like Alexa and she really likes me…who wouldn’t!  She is in our Children’s Therapy Program, comes every week for physical therapy and is learning how to walk.

Sometimes we get to play catch too!

Just the other day, Alexa had to walk down this really long hall and she didn’t want to do it. So Angela, her therapist, had me sit at the other end of the hall – and I needed to sit really still and concentrate. The whole time I was rooting for her – and telling her that she could do it! She finally made it to see me and we then got to play! That’s right, teaching kids to walk – a pretty big accomplishment for a 4-year-old pug.

I love all my friends at Easter Seals! And did you know my mom is the Special Event Manager…you need to check out what she is hard at work on right now – “The Bash – A Halloween Happening” at!  This party is for adults only and my mom’s favorite event to work on! It’s one of the ways we raise funds so that we can keep helping Alexa and all our other clients and their families.

Ready to Trick or Treat!

I already have my costume, don’t I look cute?…okay, so no I don’t get to go to The Bash really…but I do get to go to our Pumpkin Patch Party – when all of my friends/clients come to the office to trick or treat. And you can bet I will be writing to you after that…cute pictures of me and my friends…not to mention candy – my favorite!

Sophie Jane

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