Sophie’s Corner

You like me! You really like me!   So, I get to write again this week which just means I get to tell another great story about one of my friends!

Did you know that The Caroline School was created to offer a custom learning environment for children with severe to profound developmental delays? My friend, Marissa, goes there. When Marissa started at the school, she was really scared of animals, and one day ran out into the street and away from her mom because she was so scared of another dog. Miss Larson, her teacher, suggested that I go to school every day with her, that way Marissa could overcome her fear of animals and stay safe when she was out in the community.  At first she didn’t want anything to do with me but I just hung around and was really quiet, pretty soon Marissa was asking for me by name and couldn’t wait for me to come visit her at school! …did you have any doubts?

My friends at Easter Seals are my family and are extra special! My mom, our special event manager, says she and my Aunts (Kelly, Elise and Madison – otherwise known as the Development Department) work year round on our events to raise funds so that all nine of our programs can keep helping all my friends like Marissa and their families. October, November and December are kinda crazy – we have our Pumpkin Patch Party (a safe place for kids with disabilities to “trick or treat”), “The Bash – A Halloween Happening” on October 29th, our annual golf tournament on November 17th and family holiday adoption in December!

Stayed tuned for more or contact the office to see how you can help! There are so many ways you can! P.S. Check out the cute pic of me and Caroline, the name-sake for our school! I love my Caroline hugs!


Sophie Jane

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