“Fall”ing For Easter Seals

ESGH Therapists having fun with our trick or treaters!

No matter how cynical or exhausted you are, you have to love kids dressed up in costumes during the Fall.  This week, we had our annual Pumpkin Patch party, sponsored by our Toy / Tech Program, for children with disabilities so they have a safe, fun environment to trick or treat in.  Easter Seals Greater Houston staff dressed up, decorated their doors and handed out treats.  This integrated party included children with disabilities and their typically developing peers offering the kids a chance to show off their costumes, join in adapted Gymboree (a regular program at Easter Seals), play, craft, get temporary tattoos and candy and just celebrate being a kid.

The Pumpkin Patch party was followed by The Bash-A Halloween Happening which was for the adults who are kids at heart.  From the frightening to the spectacular –Houston has a clear love affair with dressing up and letting loose.  We sold out of sponsor tables at the Corinthian, over 700 guests danced to the non-stop music while helping raise more than $200,000 to help provide services for the over 5,500 families who need our help each year.  We have been truly fortunate to have Newie and Mark Brinker as our chairs and sponsors for this event, which they helped build in memory of Mark’s sister, Marjorie, who had cerebral palsy.

ESGH Staff ready for the annual party!

Thanks to all of you who have stepped up and helped us make up some of the $1million in budget cuts made to some of our most critical and effective programs – your generosity, your creativity and your care for what we do is inspiring.  So whether it was the cute kids, the amazing party, to honor or memorialize someone you care about with a disability-whatever the reason you fall for Easter Seals – THANK YOU! Check out our Culture Map Houston coverage to see the adult kids at heart!

By Elise Hough, CEO

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