Sophie’s Holiday Corner

I certainly hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It was a little hard for me. My mom and my doctor gave me new rules – no more people food!   Other than that, my four other dog cousins and I had a blast!  You would think that now that The Bash and the golf tournament are over, my mom can play with me more…nope, now we are busy being “Holiday Elves” and getting organized for our annual Holiday Family Adoption.  You see, lots of our families are very, very, needy and my mom says that means during this time of year, it is even harder…no yummy holiday feast (which I wouldn’t get to eat anyway!) No toys under the tree, no coats or warm shoes to snuggle up in….

That makes me very sad but happy because I know we can help a lot of our families because there are so many friends, families and companies that want to help during this time of year….and, boy do we have a lot of different ways to do it.

Every year, we adopt about 40 families that have children that are clients here at Easter Seals. My mom loves to wrap presents and I love to roll around in the paper while she is trying to wrap and generally make more of a mess than she does!  Sometimes, companies like Clear Channel, Calpine and Sysco adopt, sometimes church groups like St. Paul’s United Methodist and sometimes volunteer groups like our Board and National Charity League. Some companies like Prosperity Bank and Feldman Law Firm do toy drives.  Somehow it always works out. So far this year, it’s all of the above but we still need more!

My mom says you could help a whole lot of people just by shopping for your holiday presents….wonder if there is anything in there for me? Chew toys, dog bones, tiaras?

You can do your grocery shopping at Rice Epicurean and donate new or used gift cards at the register…”Aunt” Kelly says they come in very handy when the families need extras.  You can send flowers through ProFlowers.   ProFlowers will contribute $10 for every order; and you can send baked goods too.  Baking for Good will donate $15! Wonder if they bake doggie treats? Mom, Do they? Do they? well do they?

Other than MY presents, I am chasing my tail about “Pajama Day”.  Get your company, along with John Eagle Honda, to participate and you can wear your pj’s to work on December 9th.  Tell your children’s schools about it too. My mom has my pj’s all ready to go and she and my “aunts” are wearing bunny slippers!  All you need to do is bring a pair of PJ’s or $10 to participate. How much fun for everyone in Houston to be wearing their jammies at the same time? It’ll also make that day easier for my mom and we’ll probably even be at work early…she can get out of bed, walk me and get in the car!  For more information.

Happy Holidays to ALL!
Sophie Jane

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