Gifts That Count

As we end the year, it is natural to reflect on the challenges we have faced and what we have achieved.  In the face of government funding cuts of $1 million – it was a really tough year.  In spite of these cuts and with the help of Easter Seals National, ECI and the United Way, our agency is committed to providing services to young children with disabilities.

Carmen, a translator with our Infant Development/ECI Program shared a Christmas card with me that I think sums it up really well.  Three of the Garcia children received early intervention services from Easter Seals – here is what their Mom says:

“Thank you for all of your help.  Thank you for all of the time you spent with my children.  We went through a really hard time and you were there to help.  We are a very poor family and we wish we could give you something you would value.  So I hope this card lets you know how much you mean to us.  Sometimes you are lonely and have no hope. Then, if you are lucky, you have early childhood intervention. For us it was like a light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you to Carmen, Luz and all the people who helped make early intervention possible for my boys.   The Garcia Family”

Each of the boys has graduated from the program, each has caught up to their typically developing peers, and each will enter school ready to learn.  They are great examples of why we have to Make the First Five Count.  For the Garcia boys, some physical and occupational therapy and training parents on how to help their child between therapy sessions has yielded big results-life changing results.  Thank you to the amazing Infant Development/ECI staff of Easter Seals Greater Houston and to everyone who supports us.  The gift you gave the Garcia boys and thousands of others like them is truly priceless.

By Elise Hough, CEO, Easter Seals Greater Houston


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