Making the “Most” of It

Talk about marking off something off our “bucket list”! We have always wanted to hold an over night camp for our teens that have aged out of Camp Smiles.  SO, The first weekend in March, Easter Seals hosted its inaugural camp for teenagers!  Camp MOST (Miles of Smiles for Teens) hosted Camp Smiles graduates between the ages of 14 and 18.  The focus of Camp MOST was socialization and being comfortable and confident just being the way you are.  Camp MOST included short workshops for teens to gain vital social skills and learn important social lessons by Social Motion Skills (one of our newest programs), as well as the usual fun camp activities such as the zipline, riding, canoeing, fishing and more! 

Campers and buddies had a blast and on reflection had  great things to say!  From the campers…“I learned that I’m not the only one who is different and that there are people like me who also want friends.”….-“There is magic in the air at camp.”…-About the Easter Seals staff “I love all that they do. They work so hard…I hope camp is always here.”… learned how to mature.”…. camp, everyone is the same no matter what they have…I learned that I can be independent.”…-“I learned that I can be a better person.” …-“...I learned that I can do anything that I want to do.”

From their buddies -“I think we really helped both the parents and the teenagers this weekend.”…-“This was such a needed addition to Easter Seals. The teens really benefitted from seeing each other again, talking about their feelings, and regaining confidence in themselves after conquering camp activities.”

*Special Thanks to Social Motion Skills and our board including Dr. Aloysia Schwabe and Dr. Rachelle Dy, and The Keane Family for making this happen!

Christine Ellery and Betsy Keane, Camp Counseling Case Management Staff

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