Our Very Own Easter “Lilly”

from Lilly’s mom…When I first contacted Mary Dawson, the Children’s Therapy Program Director, at Easter Seals Greater Houston almost a year ago, I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and completely clueless as to what help I even needed, much less to ask for help. I just said please help. I got back several responses and eventually made an appointment to meet with Mary.

That will be a year ago in March. Lilly had just been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Mary helped me navigate all the wonderful programs Easter Seals offers. She helped me get into the therapy program that Lilly needed so badly, but we could never afford the out of pocket cost before. She helped us apply for assistance grants to help offset the cost and this alone has been one of the most amazing gifts all on it’s own. Lilly could only speak a few words and not even very well. Today Lilly says so many words and can speak in short sentences. They helped us identify Lilly’s sensory problems and her Occupational Therapist, Monica, has helped in so many ways to find solutions for her sensory problems that have truly improved our quality of life.

Her Pysical Therapist, Angela, helped us obtain a push chair that has made it possible for Lilly join us on family outings that used to be impossible. In the past Lilly would have to stay home while we did family outings, like a baseball game or visiting the zoo. Today Lilly can be a part of all the things we do as a family. That is also an amazing gift to have the children together.  Lilly no longer has to be left out. Angela also helped us get the information we needed to obtain an adaptive bike for Lilly. Not only will it benefit Lilly in building endurance, balance and core strength, but it will also allow her to have outdoor play with her brothers and sisters and friends!  What an amazing gift! Even though it is a 54 mile round trip drive, we are willing to do this because of the amazing benefit Lilly receives from these programs.

Easter Seals Greater Houston has also helped offset the cost of respite care (a break for parents) which has helped so much. We could not afford respite care otherwise.  And as an added bonus they have offered us fun family outings such as the circus and Dynamo games.

I want to thank you all from the bottom if my heart for every bit of help you have given us. It has changed our lives, making it better, easier and more whole. To only say thank you just is never enough.

We are proud as a family to walk in the Easter Seals Greater Houston Walk With Me on April 21st. Support Lilly and the many other kids like her and support Easter Seals here!  http://www.easterseals.com/site/TR?pg=team&fr_id=3013&team_id=117444

Lilly’s mom,  Easter Seals Greater Houston Client

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