Ready to Achieve!

What I like about RAMP is all the staff at Easter Seals Greater Houston. Because they are all nice and they always try to help other people. They have never been disrespectful, they are all kind.  I also like all the field-trips (at Companies like Compucycle)  that they take us to. It’s always about having fun and teamwork and they are always trying their best to help you out if you’re having a problem.  I think I have learned a lot since they came to my class in highschool .

Pat and Erin are probably one of the best ones in your staff. They are fun to learn with, they aren’t boring and they make learning fun. They have a good sense of humor when they teach we all love to learn with them they make RAMP (Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program) fun and we never fuss when they are here.

We learn about the work force and how it will be in real life when we are going to have jobs.  They give us all the tips and knowledge that we need when we get out there in the field.  We already have some good skills so when we get a job we aren’t the ones that are going to be struggling. Thanks to them we would be the ones that are going to be up there.

The field trip that I liked the most so far was Mock Interview Day because we got to meet face to face with all the different types of people that have different jobs.  We got to talk to those people about how their first interview was when they first started working. They gave us tips on what to do when we get are first interview and other things we need for when we will enter the work force.

Pedro is a student in our High School High Tech Program, which is a community-based partnership of parents, educators, rehabilitation professionals and business representatives working together to encourage students with disabilities to explore the fields of science, engineering and technology. Only 56% of students with disabilities graduate from high school. High School/High Tech was developed to address this situation. Most individuals with disabilities have not had the encouragement, role models, access and stimulation to pursue challenging technical careers or courses of study.

Contact Erin Johnson ( or 713-838-9050 at Easter Seals Greater Houston for more information or if you are interested in volunteering, hosting a tour, sponsoring a summer internship or introducing at your school.


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