Back to School…biggger and better!

We are so excited! In just two years of operation as an Easter Seals Greater Houston Program, The Caroline School has expanded and grown into a much larger space with classrooms, therapy rooms and even a gated playground. Currently we have three classrooms that can hold up to 6 students with one teacher and at least one aide. We strive to keep our ratios low to be able to accommodate and meet the needs of all of our students with profound special needs. We are presently serving students ages 2-15.

The Caroline School serves a variety of students with special needs and pride ourselves on the fact that we are not a “cookie cutter” program. We use several specialized curriculum and incorporate numerous outside extracurricular activities through our other ESGH programs into our school day to meet the needs of our diverse students. Each student is unique and has different strengths. At The Caroline School we meet that need through our individualized school program. Students are able to do the same activities but the presentation is different for each student based on their individual needs and strengths. Our program and our students are very successful because we focus on each student to allow for them to have a successful school experience. By using a combination of curriculums, traditional and innovative therapies, in conjunction ESGH’s Children’s Therapy program, and such as music, art, and pet therapy as well as the use of ipads to reach educational outcomes and hiring staff with extensive experience working with children who have severe disabilities, we know we have built an exceptional program.

ESGH and Caroline School and the staff are honored to have had a great outpouring of community support, allowing us to make a great deal of progress this past year. A huge round of applause goes to the Petrello Family Foundation, the Hildebrand Foundation, Brenda and John Duncan, Elizabeth and Anthony DeLuca, Vivian Smith Foundation and the Duncan Family Foundation.

With their help and others we added music therapy, pet therapy and the use of technology such as ipads to reach the children with severe disabilities. We continued our use of art therapy, Gymboree and dance, our collaboration with Easter Seals Children’s Therapy and BridgingApps Programs to increase the benefits to the child and provide a broader continuum of services in one place.

Area school districts have disproportionately cut funding and teacher positions for children with disabilities as the state has cut budgets-meaning lower levels of educational opportunities and higher risk of unsafe conditions for children who are extremely vulnerable. There is an imperative need for choice and making available an option for parents of children with the most severe and/or multiple handicapping conditions who are seeking availability of a private alternative to existing public school special education programs. ESGH and the Caroline School are here to help with that gap.

If you would like more information regarding The Caroline School program please contact Melissa Larson at

Melissa Larson, Easter Seals Greater Houston, Caroline School


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