Surviving Triplets Plus One- Part IV

*If you haven’t read her blog before, Sonia is the mother of four – triplets and an older son all of whom received Early Childhood Intervention services from Easter Seals Greater Houston Infant Program when they were babies AND she is the Assistant Program Director of our Infant Program.  She she has truly experienced our mission from both sides of the fence. 2013 sonia blog photo

Spring is here again!  It’s our favorite time of year at our house!  It’s not too hot and we can spend hours playing outside!  Here’s a short update on how my triplets (my three-year old boy/girl boy trio) plus one (my seven-year old son) are doing!  Our trio is still in preschool.  They still love it and are learning so much!  We are also beginning to see their little personalities change.  People always ask us if our daughter is the leader because she’s the only girl.  The truth is that role changes from situation to situation.  She’s definitely the nurturer.  She loves taking care of her brothers and checks on them often when they are off doing their own thing.  She’s got the most wonderful laugh!  You can’t help but smile and laugh when you hear it!  Lukas, the oldest of the three, is the protector.  He hates for anyone to get after his brother and sister.  My husband was about to put one in timeout for biting Lukas and Lukas was saying “no Daddy, not my brother”.  I hope he’s always as forgiving!  Our littlest, Cruz, well, let’s just say we call him “the reporter”.   Definitely sounds better than “bossy”.  He thinks he’s seven like his big brother.  He loves to wear his clothes and copy him which drives big brother, Romy, CRAZY!!!  We know if something happens, Cruz will give us a play-by-play and who did what.  He’ll even try to discipline who was in the wrong!  But he’s so affectionate!  He’s the first to run up and give you a hug and a kiss.  He’ll also do that for no reason when you really need it.

Romy is in first grade and is really thriving.  He loves to read and has started another season of baseball!  He claims to have had the best week ever last week.  He hit his first home run, learned to ride a bike, and won an all school raffle!  We pointed out to him that it’s not just about luck (well maybe the raffle is) but more about PRACTICE!  He’d been struggling with his hitting and riding a bike.  After a few meltdowns, we tried to explain that “practice makes perfect”.  Thank goodness the payoff was quick!  Don’t you just love it when something you’ve been telling your kids just proves itself to be true so immediately!   He’s also just the best big brother ever.  I know I’m bragging but just bare with me because he deserves it!  He really is so loving and caring towards his brothers and sister.  When I’m having a hard time trying to get one of them to do something, and I’m on the verge, he will often come up and say “Mom, let me try”.  More times than not, he can coax them to do whatever it is we need them to do.  He really is an amazing kid!  I tell him that he helps me be a better mom and that is the truth!

2012_04_20_1352I wanted to share Easter Seals campaign “Make the First Five Count”.  It is a national campaign that wants to make sure that every parent knows what they need to know about their child’s development and track their child’s progress with a free, online screening tool called the Ages and Stages Questionnaire or ASQ.  The link to the website is

Here are five ways I’ve made and you can also Make the First Five Count:

Sign.  There is a petition at  Let’s show congress how important and beneficial early intervention is.  We all know what a difference it made in all four of my children’s lives.

Share.  Let at least five your family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers know about the importance of early intervention.

Encourage.  Encourage all the parents you know to use the free online screening tool.  It’s quick and very easy!

Write.  Let the congressional leaders in your area know how important early intervention is and what it means to children and families!

Speak out.  Use Facebook and Twitter (EasterSealsHou) to let your connections know about the Make the First Five Count campaign.

I really cannot say enough about the early intervention services my children received in their first years!  They would not be where they are without the services they received.

One last, big thing before I go.  My family and I are participating in the Easter Seals Walk with Me 5k event on Saturday, April 20th at the Houston Zoo.  It’s a wonderful family event, but most importantly, 100% of the funds raised go towards client services thanks to John Eagle Honda, our Presenting Sponsor!!!  Because we were recipients of the Infant Program, my family has formed a team, the Salas Sluggers, and is raising money for the Infant Program!  If you would like to contribute to our efforts, please go to  and click on Salas Sluggers.  You can join the “Salas Sluggers” team and help us raise money or you can contribute to our team goal of raising $1,000.  Thanks again for letting me brag on my kiddos and for now, I’m still surviving triplets plus one!

Sonia Salas, Asst. Program Director, Easter Seals Greater Houston Infant Program

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