Summer Time Thanks!

A Letter “From Camp”

Dear Friends,

We just wanted to take a moment to say, thank you for all that you do! Camp would not be possible without all of our wonderful volunteers, as each camper is required to be paired up one-on-one with a volunteer “buddy”. It’s amazing to see 200 teenagers, young adults, doctors and therapists devote their summer to helping our kids so they can attend summer camp at Camp Smiles and Camp Buckaroo. Words cannot explain how thankful we are for our volunteers and how much we appreciate your time and support! Without the joy, patience, and friendship each volunteer has given, camp would not be possible.

We thought we would send a few pictures from camp just to show you a glimpse of what our volunteers are doing on a daily eblast

Last but not least, some people have asked if there is anything else they can do to help. If you or a friend are interested, you can support your favorite volunteer by clicking the donate button below to donate in their honor. Thanks for all that your families do to strengthen the Easter Seals family! Sincerely, ESGH Family.

To Donate


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