The Best Reward

In September 2012, our Easter Seals Infant Program /Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)  was so excited to expand our services to infant program liberty countyLiberty County.  In the year since we have been in Liberty County, enrollment has more than doubled from 33 children enrolled to 88 children enrolled!  Our Program Coordinator/Physical Therapist along with a dedicated staff has increased referrals in this area by attending health fairs, meeting with Physicians, Head Start, school districts and many other referral sources.  We started with three Early Intervention Specialist, one Program Coordinator/Physical Therapist and 1 translator/clerical staff.  We have recently added a Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist to help meet the needs of the children in this area!  The families in this area are so thankful for services.!

A year ago at the age of 19 months, Devin who was born premature, was barely able to sit on his own. Now with the help of his Infant Program/ECI team and great family involvement, he is walking by himself, climbing on and off of the furniture and most importantly to Devin…… jumping on the trampoline with his siblings!  Devin is a great example of the power of seeing the children in their natural environment as the staff was able to tailor his strengthening activities to his everyday family activities.  He has now “graduated” from physical therapy and is going full force to conquer his speech along with the guidance of his  Easter Seals Early Intervention Specialist and Speech Therapist.   The best part…. his Mom’s text “We will miss you!  Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication & you are the main reason Devin is where he is today!  He will continue improving.  Its people like you that deserve more than just a pat on the back.  And btw I’m printing this picture out to frame it & put in his baby book.  To me, this is more than just a picture.  It’s a huge accomplishment!  Thank you again”  – the best reward EVER.

We are proud to announced that Easter Seals will also be expanding our Infant Program/ECI services to the Southern part of Montgomery County.  We are in the process of hiring staff and transferring services of already existing clients in the area to our program.  We will be working on outreach efforts to expand and grow this new area – we hope to see the same impact as we did in Liberty County.  AND, we are excited to be housing our new program in the Montgomery County United Way Building!

Dena Day, Infant Program Director and Leanne Armel, Liberty County Program Coordinator. Easter Seals Greater Houston


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