Caroline School Loves Our Teachers!

598926_576373052382236_473731378_nLast night Anthony and I were talking about Caroline and he said, “she is no better, but not much worse.”  Just a bit droolier, and a bit droopier.  He then said, “Neuro-degenerative disease sucks.”  I agree.   All in all, in the world of regression we are pretty much holding our own.   She still gets in the pool every night.  We just leave that heater on, she can still play in the pool, she deserves to enjoy what little she can.   My friend Margaret teaches first grade and today she posted that she lost a little boy in the classroom next door.  He was chronically ill and just a little trooper.  All the kids loved him.

Can you imagine her day today, having to tell her classroom of first graders that a child, their age, had passed away.   The job of a teacher is so highly undervalued.  They, nurture, teach, support, push, empathize with, discipline, and love their students and get paid a very low salary for the privilege.   I was a teacher once upon a time, in the inner city no less, and it was the most rewarding job that there is.  I loved those kids.   If it weren’t for some of the teacher’s that I had, I have no idea where I would be,  let me name them for you:  Sister Patty, Mrs.  Sampson, Mrs. Boone,  Sister Storey, Mr. Bearce… those people taught me, hugged me, were kind to me, nurtured me, fussed at me.   God love them.   I still have a book that Sister Patty gave me in first grade in honor of my first communion.  The Velveteen Rabbit, she wrote something in the front cover that years and years later I reread, and it applied to beautifully to my struggles with Caroline.   How kind of her.
photo 3
I hope some of my students look back on me with kind thoughts.  I surely love the students at the Caroline School.  They are amazing.   Tomorrow Caroline goes back to school.  I kept her home today as I was worried about her getting out in the cold.  Oh how I will miss having her home with me all day.  I have enjoyed the heck out of xmas break and having that little monkey home with me.   I wish I could keep her here with me, but she loves school, and tomorrow is music day, you all know how she loves that music therapy.  Miss Ann is her favorite person in the whole world.
Well, I am off to bed,
E and super back to school C


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