Because Practice Does Make Possible!

In honor of Autism Awareness Month and World Autism Awareness Day being celebrated today – “Light It Up Blue“!, Easter Seals Greater Houston is highlighting one of our programs, Social Motion Skills, which has a unique approach to creating independence for children and teens on the Autism spectrum.  One of the services offered through Social Motion Skills is “Drivers Ed At Your Speed”.5342570901105

A driver’s license–a rite of passage for independence, right? Not so fast for high functioning teens with autism who may be brilliant but socially quirky! Driving is full of social cues that may be difficult to pick up on for these students if they are not provided driver’s ed designed the way they learn.  That’s why we created Driver’s Ed at Your Speed!  With autism rates at 1 in 68 children, the need for services is real. While early intervention is gaining attention there is an acute lack of training for young adults. Transition plans from school to work are great, but how are you going to get to work, store, bank, & friend’s house? The answer–Social Motion Skills & Safeway Driving Centers are offering driver’s ed designed for people with learning differences. Targeted education techniques combined with online technology & simulator time provide skill assessments & evaluations. Students & parents have the information they need to make safe decisions before getting behind the wheel.

Driver’s Ed at Your Speed focuses on turning capable drivers with learning differences into safe drivers!  Online technology maximizes the individual learning experience while progress data helps parents make the best decision for their child, especially in something as important as driving.  Presented in a clear, concise manner to accommodate retention, attention spans & learning differences, the program provides extra content to address anxiety, advocacy, emergency situations & car care.internship 1

This program addresses deficits and instills confidence in students who with specialized instruction can achieve life changing independence. Without such specialized support the road dead ends…

John is a teen with autism & significant mechanical/engineering skills.  He works at an auto repair shop & needs a license for insurance purposes to move cars around the shop.  The program enables him to retain employment & live independently.  The scenario is repeated over and over by teens.  According to a survey by Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure, 24% of high functioning adults with autism said they were drivers, vs. 75% of general population.  Enable the capable driver. Enable the job. Enable a life! Put a deserving student in the driver’s seat and on the road to productive independence!

Social Motion Skills breaks down social barriers for teens with autism, ADHD & learning differences. Practice makes possible. Social Motion Skills provides social skill training and enrichment activities for students ages 5-35 with learning differences, ADD/ ADHD and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) including Asperger’s syndrome and PDD-NOS. Social Motion Skills offers a comprehensive learn as you grow approach to social skills through active learning for those who find interacting with the world around them indiscernible, frustrating, mysterious and even a bit scary!

With less than 3% of charitable giving supporting people with disabilities, you can see the value of supporting Social Motion Skills and Easter Seals Greater Houston‘s multiple life changing programs & share in the success of children, teens and adults with disabilities!

Wendy Dawson, Founder – Social Motion Skills, ESGH Board Member

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