Caroline School Caped Crusaders!

Grayson and the Baker Family Caroline school famEaster Seals Greater Houston 3rd annual Walk With Me event was ARIANAheld this past weekend at the Houston Zoo. Overall, we had 2,000 walkers participate, raising over $215,000 for programs of Easter Seals Greater Houston. We are ecstatic about the turn out and how much we have been able to grow this event in just three years!  For more information check out

Grayson Baker, a student at ESGH Caroline School, was one of our official Ambassadors.  His mother, Elizabeth, reflected back on their family time at the event.  “We were excited that Grayson was chosen as an Ambassador for the Walk this year. It was an honor to be part of the ribbon cutting and hear the crowd cheer the start of a fundraising event that will impact so many families, including ours, so positively. We had a great time walking through the zoo with our friends from the Caroline School and relaxing at the end of the route at the After-Party. Our family is so grateful to the Caroline School and Easter Seals for giving Grayson such positive experiences each day.”

Caroline Sch 3The “Caroline School Caped CrusadersWalk With Me Team recruited 32 walkers and raised over $12,000!

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