Launching in to Summer and Summer Camps!

This is an excerpt from one of our Camp Coordinator’s email for Walk With Me to raise funds through our amazing betsycurrent and past camp volunteers!
“To my incredible Camp Smiles 2014 volunteers who I already love and adore so much!! Like really….I cannot tell you how much camp means to me, so the fact that you will be a part of it this year, means that YOU mean so much to me too.  It would mean the world to me if you would join me on April 26th at the Houston Zoo to start to get to know each other AND help support the incredible children we serve at camp. Camp Smiles means THE WORLD to our kids, but some of them cannot afford camp tuition. Through Walk With Me, we can provide the financial assistance they need to get to come to camp!! betsy 3Please please please consider joining me at the zoo to help support the awesome kids we serve. If we would all join, and raise just $50 for our kids, we would exceed our goal!!! Please consider joining or making a donation. Every little bit counts.  You all are just wonderful for having a desire to serve these children!! 

Take a look at some of the essays our kids are writing for scholarships this summer….please help us answer their call.

“Everyone at camp sees ME. They get to know ME. They listen and respond to ME. And having cerebral palsy is such a small part of what makes up ME but sometimes people outside of camp act like that one little thing is all of me.”betsy 2

“What camp means to me is not just a place where there is tons of fun activities to do, but also a place where if you’re different it doesn’t matter because you’re surrounded by a whole group of people who are different just like you. It’s okay to be different, you’re not alone. Your difference doesn’t define who you are. You can still have friends, be happy, and enjoy the same kind of activities here that you would enjoy at other camps.”

So excited to let you know that they raised close to $6,000 and the event has raised over $224,000! So as we head into summer and our 7 weeks of day and away camp, know that we are serving over 300 children with disabilities who are going to be rock climbing, hanging out with firemen, swimming, learning about the great outdoors, animals and on and on!  You can check out the line up. On another note excited to let you know that our camps are full and we are fully staffed with volunteers! Yippee!

Betsy Wechter, Easter Seals Greater Houston, Camp & Adult Program Coordinator

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