Teacher’s Perspective

2014 verizon at adults groupThe Easter Seals Greater Houston Adult Services Program is a great way for the special needs adult to challenge themselves with lots of unique and different cristen march betsy_frankactivities. There is always a new activity going on- including yoga therapy, cooking classes, iPad classes, and even a ventriloquist show! By not only having a place for community and friendship, the adult program is a place they can really learn their own abilities with each activity offered.

caroline 7“Getting to spend time with the adults was such a joy for me because they each have such beautifully different personalities, each their own sense of humor and languages of love. It was so special to get to know each and every one of them this past summer when I was given the opportunity to spend time with twice a week.” One of my favorite memories with the adults was going to see Big the musical at Miller Outdoor Theater. Not only did I get to enjoy an awesome show with the adults and see their faces light up, but I got to watch and experience each and every one of their personalities when we sat down to eat lunch afterwards. They all are so full of life and laughter that it makes it contagious to be around! They are such a wonderful bunch of people who I couldn’t have been more thankful to have worked with this past summer.

– Katie App, teacher at the Caroline School, Easter Seals Greater Houston


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