The Caregiver Thanking The Caregivers

2014 caregiver blog 2It takes a whole world of people to care for a child with special needs. It’s more than parents, family, friends or neighbors. They are oh so important, but it takes a cadre of caregivers in our lives. Yes, those who literally watch my son so I can have some respite, but those who care beyond an appointment. Doctors who pay attention, therapists who work together to create a well–balanced sensory diet to help my child meet the demands of his day, educators who care about understanding the way my child learns and business offices who understand why the bill hasn’t yet been paid.

My son may not be able to do a lot of things kids his age can do. But he cares about his world and he is happy living in it. I find what ends up meaning the most to us at the end of the day are those who took time to care for us as a family.

My son has so much to teach those who will listen. Yes, you may have to talk about princesses and villains for what may seem like a very long time. I like to remember something I read the other day that really struck me:

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”  I think that says it all.

Michelle Groogan, Parent, Advocate, Writer and Client of Easter Seals Greater Houston

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