Caregivers AKA…the Best Advocates

Hi, this is my son Joshua. Joshua entered into the public school system at the age of four. He was in a regular pre-2014 Caroline L Thomsonkindergarten classroom. At the age of five he was diagnosed with Autism. Joshua was placed in the special education program known as PPCD. The following year because of his age, he was introduced to the program known as Life Skills. During his time in the public school system we have experienced so much pain, heartache, stress, and worry concerning our child. In spite of my advocacy, nothing changed.  I was at the end of my rope by his 5th grade school year. I made a promise to myself that if things didn’t get better his last year in elementary school that I had to find a private school for him. So much happened with my son in his 2011-2012 school years, that I had to pull him out before the year ended.

I began searching for a school that would meet my son’s learning and safety needs. I wanted him around caring teachers and staff. Yes, my son was turned away from a number of private schools, because of his lack of verbal communication. Most of the schools never got a chance to even meet my son or evaluate him before turning him away. Then we found Easter Seals Greater Houston’s Caroline School.  I’m so grateful for The Caroline School. Once I turned in the paperwork, a half day of school was set up right away. The teachers and staff were able to work with him and get a chance to see the needs and skills he already had and what he needed help with. If it wasn’t for the acceptance of The Caroline School I had no other options, but to home school my child. I couldn’t take anymore heartache and disappointment with the system. I know my child had taken all he could take also. I could see how it affected him, so I had to do all in my power to better this school situation. Thank you God for answering my prayers. Since my son has been a part of The Caroline School our whole life have changed. My son and I can trust the teachers and the staff. He is surrounded by loving, caring teachers and students. I know longer have to worry about the safety or well-being of my child. The teachers communicate with me what is being taught and give me helpful suggestions on things I work with him on at home. My son is very happy here at The Caroline School. Even though he can’t communicate his happiness with words, I can see it in him. His demeanor is very calm. I am very happy and pleased to know that he can go to school and actually like being there.  All of the fears, worries, and the “what ifs” are no longer part of my life. I can breathe. No more tears. It comforts me as a parent with a special needs child. I can’t express how pleased I am with the teachers, assistants, and staff. Thank you for all you do, Thompson

*During this season of thanks and during National Caregivers month, ESGH staff are particularly proud and honored to work with the most amazing parents and caregivers! Thank YOU for doing all YOU do!

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