Walk With Team Bouchard

natl 3Macy Bouchard is a determined 11- year old with special needs. As soon as you meet Macy, you know she will not allow her disabilities to slow her down. Macy has an infectious personality and an optimistic, can-do spirit that is an inspiration to others.

Macy lives in Houston with her family. Her dad, Butch, is an executive at Team, Inc., her mom, Krista, is a retired software consultant, and her big brother, Travis, is a 7th grader at Cornerstone Academy. Macy attended Wildcat Way and Wilchester Elementary and now attends Crossroads, a school that focuses on children with learning and other differences.  Macy is active in Girl Scouts, GAP, Memorial Drive United Methodist Church Choir and Bells, Special Olympics Gymnastics and enjoys adaptive sports with Soaring Kidz and snow skiing with Challenge Aspen.natl 4

At birth Macy’s parents knew she was special. Macy was born without sight in one eye and with physical and cognitive impairments. There is no diagnosis for Macy’s condition. “We treat the lack of diagnosis as a blessing, because with no diagnosis there are no pre-conceived limits as to what Macy can accomplish”, said Krista. Macy has always had to work very hard to learn to do everyday things we take for granted such as eating, dressing, communicating and walking.  Even as an infant, Macy had difficulty eating and needed supplements to gain weight and get adequate nutrition.  Although she had a rough start to life, from an early age it was clear that Macy was born with something doctors cannot measure – optimism and grit – which have her well-prepared to take on these daily challenges.

natl 2Although her neurologist did not expect Macy would ever walk without a walker, as a first grader at Wilchester, Macy was determined and after many hours of therapy, she set her walker aside and hasn’t used it since. Macy has spent literally 1,000’s of hours in therapy and tutoring learning to walk, talk, eat, dress, read and write. As she was struggling to learn to walk, Macy would often fall and her family would ask, “Macy, what do you do when you fall”? And she would respond, “Get Back Up”!

Although Macy is naturally optimistic, Macy still has moments when she struggles. Macy’s biggest supporter has always been her big brother, who is always there to help his sister to “Get Back Up”. “Macy is determined. It may take her longer to do things, but if she wants to, and you give her the time, she will eventually get it”, says Travis, with a proud smile on his face.

“We truly believe Macy’s success has been attributable to where we live”, said Butch. Macy has had access to great medical and therapeutic services and the community has always been inclusive and supportive of Macy. “The social acceptance and opportunities she has been afforded by the community have played a crucial role in her progress”, said Krista.natl 1

The Bouchard’s believe in giving back to the community. Butch serves on the Board of Easter Seals Greater Houston and Butch and Krista are Chairs of the 2015 Easter Seals Walk With Me” event being held at the Houston Zoo on April 25, 2015. “Easter Seals provides life-changing services to people of all ages with all types of disabilities. Many children do not have the same access to services that Macy has had.  Fortunately Easter Seals Greater Houston is a great organization that is equipped to help people like Macy’, said Butch. “They just need our support. Families throughout the Greater Houston area depend on Easter Seals. And with your support, you can give these children and adults with disabilities an opportunity to discover their abilities and realize their full potential. Particularly important to my wife and I are the children’s services that provide children, like Macy, with early services that they may not be able to afford without Easter Seals.  These early and extensive services are expensive, but they have been crucial to Macy’s amazing success. These are just a few of the services that Easter Seals makes possible: Infant Therapy – Early Intervention Services for children and infants (ECI), Children’s Therapy Services, Social Motion Skills (for children with autism and ADHD), the Caroline School (for children with significant disabilities), and the development of new technology through toy therapy and the award-winning “Bridging Apps” program. ”

The Bouchard’s are hopeful that the community will come out in force to support Macy and Easter Seals Greater Houston. If you would like to join Macy, Travis, Butch & Krista in supporting Easter Seals, here is the information about the walk.

“Finally, as a member of the Easter Seals Board of Directors I can tell you from personal experience that this is a very well-run, efficient organization with a professional and dedicated staff. You can be certain that your donations will be maximized and put to good use”, says Butch.

Saturday, April 25, 2014 at 8 AM

(1) Form a Team for the Walk: Sign up a team of your own to walk and raise money. This is a great event for kids and grownups alike with an early morning walk at the Zoo and a family-friendly after party. Just go to the website: www.walkwithmehouston.com and follow the instructions to form your team.

(2) Join “Macy’s Mavericks”:   Join Krista, Butch, Travis and Macy on their walk Team, “Macy’s Mavericks”. Just go to the website: www.walkwithmehouston.com and select “join a team” and follow the instructions to join Macy’s Mavericks. They would love to have you come and walk with them!

(3) Make a Personal Donation:  Go to the website: www.walkwithmehouston.com and select “donate now” and type the name of the team you want to support. If you want to support “Macy’s Mavericks“, just type in “Macy’s Mavericks” and follow the instructions to make your personal contribution.


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