Employee of the Year

don warren 2014 heidyWhen I was asked to write a blog about what it means to win the Don Warren Employee of The Year Award, I said to myself, “Oh Lord what can I say”… It’s an honor and privilege to obtain this award.   I cannot explain with words what this means to me. I come to work every day with a smile on my face because I know all the wonderful things Easter Seals Greater Houston has to offer – To be part of it is just a blessing.

Many families look for help and resources for children with disabilities and I was one of those families. My child was born at 26 weeks and he only weighed 2Lb. 10oz.  I was very scared for my child … after 3 months of being in the hospital, my baby was sent home just in time for Christmas. Easter Seals Infant Program (Early Childhood Intervention) came along when I was sent home with my preemie. They explained to me how the program works and what to expect and the most important part, that am not alone in this.

I still remember my kiddo’s therapy sessions.   Nathan learned so much and he enjoyed being around Mrs. Melissa Davis, his Speech Therapist.  Nathan especially liked when she played bubbles with him. I told her that I couldn’t thank her enough for all that she did for me and my son and now he is going to be 15 years old …  time goes really fast.

don warren 2014 heidy et alI have been a part of Easter Seals Greater Houston for 11 years now and every day I am amazed for all the hard work and dedication that everybody does in this wonderful agency.  The way I see it is …we are a big family and if anybody needs anything I do whatever it takes to help them out. I love my job and my dedication and effort for this agency is just a little bit that I can do to contribute back to Easter Seals.

I am so grateful, so blessed, to be part of Easter Seals Greater Houston and to win this award is an honor.   Thank you Easter Seals for giving me this opportunity to express myself and for all you do for me.

Heidy Perez, Billing, Infant Program, Easter Seals Greater Houston

Don Warren Explanation -for many, many years,  Don Warren was a fixture on our Board of Directors, as a volunteer with the kids, Santa’s helper and a host of many other things.   When he unexpectedly passed, our Board and Staff decided to create an employee of the year award in his honor. The first year it was given was 1992 and it was bestowed on all the staff.   Since then, every year our employees nominate a person they feel deserves the recognition.

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