The Power of Making The First Five Count

chelsea linn pic 1Chelsea Linn is a 22 month old girl who was born with a very rare gene disorder GATAD2B “Loss of Function”.  There are approximately only 11 cases known world-wide.  Characteristics of this disorder affect all areas of development from cognitive delay, low muscle tone, speech and feeding delays to sensory processing delays. Chelsea has been in the Easter Seals of Greater Houston ECI Infant Program for the past 14 months.  She receives physical and occupatiochelsea linn 4nal therapy along with specialized skill training.  Chelsea lives at home with her Mom Brittany, her Dad Cody and her 3-year-old big brother Bradley.  Mom stated “When we first started Early Childhood Intervention services Chelsea was 8 months old she could not even hold her head up.  I couldn’t carry her like a typical baby.  The Infant Program/ECI has helped Chelsea development in ways I never knew possible”  Chelsea is currently able to roll, sit on her own for extended period of time, hold her own bottle, beginning to finger feed herself and is able to stand at her couch with supervision to interact with her big brother! Mom stated “I’m more confident now that Infant Program staff have taught me the skills to help Chelsea’s development.  With the help of the Infant Program my daughter is coming along great! Know I understand what they mean when they say, “Make the first five count!”

chelsea linn pic 2Leanne Armel, Easter Seals Greater Houston Physical Therapist says “I am so very proud of this Mom! She has gone from a Mom who truly had no idea how to interact with her child to now going to Austin to be a voice for this disorder to get funding!!  She is a true example of the power of a parent who advocates for their child!!!”chelse linn


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