Celebrate and Wear Purple on the 15th! – Month of the Military Child

Did you know there are about 1.6 million military children globally? Of those 1.6 million children, most move every 2 to 3 years. That means changing schools, doctors, support networks, and FRIENDS! All of these statistics stacked on top of military children’s’ parents or caregivers being away for training, on deployment, or injured- those are some pretty grown up things for a child to handle. So, The Department of Defense celebrates military children during the month of April to remind us all of military children’s sacrifice and celebrate their resiliency. How can you show your support? On April 15, join us in wearing purple for military kids.

Easter Seals Houston staff honor our military children every month. Our Recreational Therapy Team offers Play Groups (dance, yoga, karate, sensory/technology), camps, and other activities to support military children and their families.

Most recently, we held Veterans Family Camp. One of our family’s military parent had just returned from 8 months of deployment. Families worked via our counselors and staff on activities designed for reintegration for the family as a whole; and all had a blast – even after the special weekend was over!

  • Using your gift to help people feel better. Can you think of anyone who could use some cheering up today? Maybe a sibling, a friend, or another military family? Think of something you can do to help them feel better today—you might draw a picture for them, talk to them on the phone, or give them a hug. (The family replied, “Chalk the driveway; make neighbors smile”)
  • Serving your family by something you love to do. One family replied cooking dinner together!

Kim Hartgraves, MS, LRT, CTRS, Easter Seals Greater Houston
Adult Program Coordinator│Veterans Recreation Therapy Coordinator

Contact Kim at khartgraves@eastersealshouston.org for more info.

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