A Service Dog is a Veteran’s Best Friend

The following was written by Easter Seals Greater Houston’s client Nicholas who has received and trained his service dog, Freya, through our Veterans Service Dog Program with the expertise of our Texas Veterans + Family Alliance partner My Service Dog, Inc.

“I had thought that having a service dog was out of reach until Dr. Jennifer Wright of Easter Seals Greater Houston introduced me to Allie Keaton from My Service Dog. From day one she guided me through the process. It was not easy, but Allie was there to teach me and answer questions (sometimes at odd hours). I was shocked at how fast Freya, my service dog, picked up the commands. Allie has all kinds of tips and tricks that I would have never thought of. Allie works with veterans’ schedules and allows for more than enough time to train the service dog. She helped me train Freya and get her ready for my move overseas.

Freya has been an excellent addition to my ongoing treatment and is much better than more pills. I never thought having a dog would do so much. I have to get up to make sure she gets out. It starts my day off right. I get more stuff done during the day. I can’t afford to sleep in. It allows me to get out in public a bit even when I have stressful days. I have someone to talk to. She knows when I have a sleep apnea attack, she will put her paw on me when I stop breathing. She rolls up next to me when I am stressed out and is picking up on the things I need.

Like anything else, you get out of the program what you put in. I feel as though I could train another service dog, if needed, with the knowledge that Allie has handed down to me. Allie definitely cares about both the veterans and the animals. Without her, I would not have a wonderful service dog that helps me daily. Thank you Allie, Dr. Wright and Easter Seals Greater Houston.”

Learn more about Easter Seals Greater Houston’s broad range of Veterans, Service Members, and Military-Connected Family Programs!

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