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Make Our Veterans Program Part of Your Unit

Usually I write about a person who was helped by the services I provide through Easter Seals Greater Houston’s Veterans Program. This time I’m going to do that with a twist, so let me tell you the story. Years ago I met a Marine and after this initial meeting our paths diverged for a long time. About a year ago, our paths crossed again at a Marine Corps birthday celebration in Houston and I learned he was a County Veterans Service Officer. After catching up we discovered that we both worked in the Veteran community to reduce the stigma around mental health, providing services to Veterans and their family members. Though our services are different, they both aim to end the suffering in silence of so many Veterans. Over this year, we have discussed all these things and one thing was clear-we have the same mission. A partnership was born that extends to the many Veterans we meet each week.

You might think this is just a story about two people in the community working together to help Veterans, but it isn’t. Yes, we benefit from the collaboration because of the confidence and trust that is shared between us. I know he will work hard and go the extra mile to help those I refer to him. He knows this of me too. Yet, the most important part of our meeting is how our complimentary services have benefited those that have served and their families. He most often refers individuals who have suffered in silence for years due to experiences from their service. Most often it is combat related. veteran-blogHe tells them how things can get better and how they can feel better. He offers hope from someone who has been there. He helps connect them to the services they need. And they get better. When they come to our Veterans Program I give them information about what they are dealing with, the sense of isolation reduces, they feel the support, more things seem possible, and more gets done. I tell them, “You didn’t get here by yourself, so build a unit that will help you get out of this.” Easter Seals Greater Houston’s Veterans Program can be part of that unit. A County Veterans Service Officer is part of my unit. And we press forward . . . offering hope and services to those who want them and who no longer want to suffer alone.

Dr. Cristy Gamez-Galka, Mental Health Lead for Fort Bend Veterans Case Management Program, Easter Seals Greater Houston

Easter Seals Greater Houston is proud to offer a variety of services that Veterans and their families can benefit from including Fort Bend Veterans Case Management Program, Fort Bend Veterans Companion Dog Program, Bank On Montgomery County as well as the collaborative efforts of the Texas Veterans + Family Alliance.


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What Will Your Biggest Challenge Be?

Have you ever been so close to others that you would do anything for them? I mean really anything – like follow their guidance no matter what, walk with them into danger, risk injury or death to achieve something. You may have thought of your family. Whomever you thought of, consider yourself fortunate because this is the same commitment and loyalty the men and women of our military demonstrate in their service. For the family members of active duty, reserve, and prior military service members, theirs is the same dedication – sending their loved one off to danger and potential injury, knowing they’ll miss the big things like births and first days of school, and the little things like dinner around the table and watching TV together. Reunions with their service member are joyful – yet also filled with other challenges such as fitting back in, re-establishing the routine, and re-connecting. Service members come back knowing there are some things their closest family members will never understand.

This may seem like an uphill challenge, but you are not alone. The Easter Seals Veterans Program is here to help. Easter Seals mission is to offer life-changing solutions to people with disabilities and their families and to Veterans with or without disabilities so they can live, learn, work, and play in their community. What does this mean to you? Together, Easter Seals Greater Houston and Easter Seals Dixon Center are making this a reality for Veterans transitioning back into civilian life. The Easter Seals Veterans Program aims to help active duty, reservists, Veterans and their family members connect to the resources they need. If you are interested in starting a group to share information or for support, I can also help you.

My name is Cristy Gamez-Galka and I am the coordinator of the Easter Seals Veterans Program. I am a licensed psychologist, I am eager to share and learn about resources, and start new groups throughout the area. You can reach me to discuss your needs at cgamez-galka@eastersealshouston.org or at 713-838-9050 ext. 371.

Cristy Gamez-Galka, Easter Seals Greater Houston, Program Coordinator

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