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Service, Time, Patience, Kindness…Everything

Last year, Easter Seals Greater Houston’s Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) team provided 44,360 hours of therapy, early intervention, nutrition, and case management services. Our incredible team of specialists provided these transformative services to 6,565 children ages 0-3 who have developmental delays, medical diagnoses, disabilities, or atypical behaviors. Below is the testimony from a mother of two ECI clients:

“First of all, I want to say thank you for everything you all have done for my family. Easter Seals Greater Houston’s Early Childhood Intervention Program has helped so much and I have learned so much with my kids. Aliza and Sara are the best, they helped me with my oldest son, Luis, who is now 5. Sara was his therapist and she was wonderful, always helpful, and she gave me the best tips to help Luis. Now they are helping me with my second son, Adrian, and let me tell you I’m grateful for Sara and Aliza. Adrian has had a big journey this year with the possibility of autism, sensory issues, and more. Both ECI team members help me know how to check on Adrian, how to work with him, and are helping me to understand the diagnoses. I am truly thankful for their help and advice because without it I would have gone crazy not knowing what to do. Adrian and I love the Zoom meetings we had we both learn a lot. Sara and Aliza also help me get Adrian therapy through the school district. Now Adrian is turning 3 in of couples days and is graduating from ECI. We sure will miss yall! Once again, thank you for everything your service, time, patience, kindness…everything. 



The time from birth to age three is critical in your child’s physical and cognitive development.  To help make sure your baby is reaching their developmental milestones, you can complete this free Ages & Stages Questionnaire or check with your pediatrician if you have concerns. Learn more about Easter Seals Greater Houston’s Early Childhood Intervention Program!

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