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A Call That Changed Everything



Thank you for everything! When we first spoke I was so stressed and desperate for help. Angeline had gone through surgery and Kayla was taken via ambulance to the Texas children’s hospital for emergency care. It was chaotic and I was being evicted from my home. I had so much going on and I sent an email to Easter Seals. All my local shelters were full and funds were exhausted. I didn’t know I would receive your call that day. It changed everything. Although I didn’t know it at the moment, you were coming to help me and my family. I was relieved to have someone who understood my struggles as a special needs parent. Many things I couldn’t speak about with even my own family. Your kind words assured me I was not alone. You told me about the organization Easter Seals Greater Houston, its’ programs and how it would help me. My family had gone through some situations and to be honest, I was overwhelmed. I was touched that Easter Seals was going to not only help me with my rent (that was more than enough) but had made sure I received gift cards (so I could provide for my young daughters.) This was a glorious day for me. I cried,  I was so happy that there are still people like you and organizations like Easter Seals that care. I was no longer worried where they would sleep that night. The uncertainty of not knowing if you would be able to provide for your family is devastating. All that was before,  now it is a different story. My girls both made a full recovery. Thanks to you and Easter Seals we have shelter, food and the necessities. You probably hear this so many times, but you made an impact on my family and in my life. If it weren’t for you reaching out and being compassionate I wouldn’t be here now. This is a gift that keeps giving. Thank you again Jessika!  I called the food scholarship today and I will be receiving food this Saturday. I’m so happy I get to provide healthy food for my girls. I am grateful for the gift cards, they were much needed. I was able to buy diapers, bottles, baby shampoo, baby wipes, toothpaste and so many baby essentials. I would’ve not had the funds to even cover the basic necessities this month had it not been for you and Easter Seals swift action. I am actively working on providing better for my girls and I look forward to all the upcoming events too. Kayla loved the little white bear you gave her.

I just wanted to reach out and give you a little update. Angeline is in speech therapy and has improved so much. She is talking more each day. Easter seals has been a life saver for me and my family. I truly hope that others can see that there is still hope and it’s people like you and organizations like this that make it better.


Karen Angeline’s Mom

Jessika Gaehring is a Case Manager at Easter Seals Greater Houston and at the time was serving families with disabilities also affected by Imelda.


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