Surviving Triplets..Plus One!

First, let me start off by saying, my husband and I are blessed beyond words!  We have absolutely nothing to complain about.  We both have good jobs, a house (even though we are busting out of the seams), reliable cars, our health, and loving friends and family.  We celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this July and have been talking and reminiscing about the past and what our life was like before we had our children.  We chuckle now at the things we worried about then and what we thought our lives with two children would be like…we had no idea what was in store for us!!!

One of the first questions we are most often asked about is “what did you think when you found out you were going to have triplets?”  Honestly, we were devastated.  I know now how selfish and horrible that may sound but we knew how hard it is to take care of one infant at a time that we couldn’t wrap our minds around taking care of three infants at one time let alone the expense of formula, diapers and wipes times 3.  We cried for days and waited several weeks to share the news with friends and even family.
It’s one of the things I feel most guilty about. One of the things I would totally change about my pregnancy would have been to actually enjoy it instead of worrying so much about how are we going to do this, how are we going to afford it, did I ruin my oldest son’s life? But in the end, everything turned out just as it should.  After two months of bed rest, our boy girl boy triplets were born at 34 weeks gestation.  The first few months are now a blur, but we are so grateful that we all SURVIVED!!!

All of our children including, our oldest son, have received early intervention services through Easter Seals.  Our 5-year-old was born with torticollis which is a shortening or tightening of the muscles in his neck.  His head was constantly tilted to the side which looked cute in pictures but I knew if it wasn’t corrected, he may end up having to wear a shaping helmet for his head.  He received physical therapy and we noticed results within days of starting intervention.  Our triplets were all developmentally delayed in various areas due to their prematurity but again, because of early intervention, they were all on track by their first birthday.  My children are living proof that early intervention works!!!  We are so grateful to Easter Seals for helping to make our kids first five years count!!!  I’m so passionate about this that I wrote to my state representatives to urge them to please vote against budget cuts for early intervention services.  I hope that if you feel the same that you will write them too!  Not sure who your representatives are? Look them up at or call 1-888-633-3650.    I hope you will join us, and Easter Seals’ national movement to get the word out to families and decision-makers about how critical these services are by going to

Here is my chuckle for the week.  I was home taking care of my triplets, two of which were sick with a stomach bug.  After two days of sick stomachs and clingy kids, I decided that we all needed to get out of the house for some fresh air.  I loaded them up in our choo-choo wagon, each in their own car and we were off!  It was a beautiful warm afternoon around the time the school bus is bringing kids in our neighborhood back home from school.  The babies love watching the kids get off the bus and see them running
home.  So as we were doing this on our walk, one kid asked me out of the bus window, “do you get paid to do that?”  I chuckled and said “no” but what I was really thinking was “this experience, these babies, this life is absolutely priceless!”  I honestly would not change it for the world!
Sonia Salas, Asst. Director, Infant Program, Easter Seals Greater Houston

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